Dear Educators,

We're sure that you, like many of us, follow the situation in Israel closely. Events that affect Israel and Israelis, and by association affect us as Jewish educators, change almost daily. It can be difficult to keep up with the matzav (situation).  

At Jewish LearningWorks, we aim to provide you with resources on current issues and a platform to share ideas and to discuss approaches you are exploring in your classrooms and beyond.

Based on input and feedback from educators in our community, we recently added new sections on the current Surge of Violence and on Rabin's Assassination 20 Years Later. Ongoing issues include the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Helping Educators Cope and Talking to Children About Violence.

Read the article in the JWeekly about the impact of our program on our educators' community.

We invite you to explore the resources we've assembled so far.  Bookmark this page for support on the ever-changing matzav in Israel.

The Team at Jewish LearningWorks