A collaborative piece by local educators during hands-on workshop with Israeli artist Hanoch Piven

A collaborative piece by local educators during hands-on workshop with Israeli artist Hanoch Piven

Jewish LearningWorks believes in the ability of the Arts to provide a gateway to inspired and joyful learning, a perspective for complex issues, and a pedagogical approach that fosters creative expression, critical thinking, and collaboration. In Jewish Education the arts create new ways to engage with and to understand text, values, history, culture and community.

By integrating the Arts in Jewish education, we seek to enrich and increase Jewish identity and Jewish knowledge for Bay Area learners of all ages.

We do that by providing experiential workshops with artists, traveling exhibits, art teachers' network, on site consultation and other opportunities.


For more information, contact Arts and Culture Specialist Vavi Toran

“The case for expanding the role of the arts in contemporary Jewish education is compelling: the arts engage learners on multiple levels; they open up new dimensions of understanding of text and tradition; and they encourage creative expression of our deepest spiritual and ethical impulses. A picture, a play, a song, story, or sculpture – each of these, whether created, performed, or merely appreciated, can evoke reflection, conversation, and emotion that expand and enrich learning in ways that few other experiences can.” (Arts in Jewish Education: Mapping and Landscape. JESNA Report, March 2010)



Traveling exhibition, professional development and educational guidelines 
powered by Jewish LearningWorks.

As a part of our Integration of the Arts in Jewish Education Initiative, we are proud to offer Voices & Visions™- a traveling exhibition.

Voices & Visions™ is about art, about powerful messages, about starting conversations, about continuing the Jewish journey. A collection of eighteen images, the series pairs leading figures of contemporary art and design with powerful quotes from Jewish thinkers across the ages.

The Voices & Visions concept was inspired by the Container Corporation of America’s Great Ideas series.  Launched as an ad campaign in the 1950s, the Container Corporation published paired quotes with images once a month.  Quickly, the campaign moved from advertising to art phenomenon.

In late 2012, Voices & Visions released its debut Masters Series. This collection of 18 images pairs leading figures of contemporary art and design with powerful quotes from Jewish thinkers across the ages.  Originally offered in limited release, the Masters Series is now being used by Jewish organizations around the world. A collector and appreciator of Great Ideas, Harold Grinspoon, the founder of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, decided to use this model as the inspiration for a new and dynamic way to engage the Jewish people in conversations about identity.

A traveling exhibit of eighteen framed posters accompanied by professional development and educational guidelines is available to your school/institution powered by Jewish LearningWorks.

For more info contact Vavi Toran at  vtoran@jewishlearningworks.org or 415.751.6983 x138
To book the exhibit in your school or organization contact Lynn Rothman lrothman@jewishlearningworks.org