A Journey with Herzl


A Journey with Herzl


In Pursuit of the Zionist Vision

This educational kit is comprised of a facilitator’s handbook and instructions for the implementation of four workshops. The guide includes texts excerpted from Herzl’s writings. These can be used to challenge participants to imagine the sort of Israel they would like to see come into being, to consider what role they might have in bringing that about, and to examine the personal meaning of Jewish statehood in their own lives. Also included in this kit is a 14-minute video from the Herzl Museum and worksheets


Grades: Middle school - Adult

Themes & Values: Zionism, history, Herzl, independence, myth and reality, identity

Rental: No charge

Refundable security deposit: $50

Available for purchase from http://www.azm.org/category/educational-programs/hertzl-exhibit

Technical requirements: If showing video, DVD monitor or a computer with DVD drive. 

For more information about how to acquire or rent the program, please contact lrothman@jewishlearningworks.org