Our mission is to improve and extend Jewish learning because learning is fundamental to Jewish life, identity, community and continuity.

We IMPROVE Jewish learning by teaching Jewish educators. By deepening and strengthening their Jewish knowledge, sharpening their pedagogical skills, and providing them with professional development in best practices, educational resources, assessment, and educational innovation.

We EXTEND Jewish learning by reaching more learners. By enhancing the quality, quantity, and diversity of educational offerings, informing diverse learners about educational opportunities that meet their needs, and helping educators and learners overcome barriers, such as learning styles, to create a more inclusive and welcoming learning community.

We LEAD our educational community by IGNITING conversations and educational innovation that respond effectively to the twenty-first century Northern California Jews.  By providing a solid foundation of research, assessment, and thought-leadership to support evidence-based educational policy and practice.


Jewish Education is sacred.
   •  We passionately pursue Jewish knowledge.
   •  We actively support the dissemination and celebration of Jewish knowledge, history, and culture.
   •  We believe educators fulfill a critical role in sustaining and strengthening Jewish community.

Jewish Education is a right.
   •  Every member of our community has a right to a thoughtful, meaningful, high quality Jewish education.
   •  We endeavor to make Jewish education programs affordable and accessible to all.

We promote Jewish pluralism and multiple ways to connect to Judaism.
   •  We accept, welcome and celebrate the many ways of being Jewish and expressing Judaism.
      Judaism is not "one size fits all."
   •  We embrace participation from across a wide spectrum of Jewish thought and practice.


Jewish LearningWorks serves three main constituent groups:

1.     Program participants, including families, teens, adults, and learners of all ages, will feel connected to the Jewish community, to each other, and will seek more opportunities to engage in Jewish learning.

2.     Educators will gain new and/or enhance skills in teaching methodologies, increased knowledge in Jewish content, and will feel confident in their ability to reach their students, resulting in their creation of meaningful learning experiences for their students.

3.     Bay Area Jewish institutions will connect with a network of like-minded organizations seeking to offer inclusive, creative, and collaborative Jewish learning programs and experiences for their constituents/members, resulting in their feeling inspired and supported to try new approaches.


Goal 1: Families, children, and learners of all ages will participate in Jewish life and learning that speaks to their passions and connects them to the Jewish community.


·       Participants will report their Jewish learning experiences are personally meaningful.

·       Participants will report they feel included and welcomed in their community as a result of reduced barriers to participation in Jewish learning experiences.

·       Participants will report that they developed friendships or relationships with other parents or families.

·       Participants will report enhanced confidence and comfort with Jewish life, practice, and/or community as a result of their involvement.

·       Participants will report they intend to make further connections to Jewish life and learning.


Goal 2: Jewish educators will be supported in expanding and enhancing their professional skills, and will perceive themselves as valued professionals integral to Jewish education throughout the Bay Area.  


·       Jewish educators will report enhancing their proficiencies in Jewish content and pedagogy, providing them a more robust foundation for creating enriching learning experiences for their students.

·       Jewish educators will report feeling empowered to make effective and creative changes in their classroom practice and beyond, connecting their students to inspired and engaging Jewish learning.

·       Jewish educators will report they identify as part of a vibrant and cohesive educator community in which they can seek guidance and share knowledge, skills and experiences.


Goal 3: Bay Area Jewish Institutions will identify themselves as part of a network that provides inclusive, bold, and creative approaches to Jewish education.


·       Jewish organizations will report having a greater understanding of their constituents’ Jewish learning needs and interests.

·       Jewish organizations will report feeling confident and equipped to provide creative and innovative educational models tailored to meet the needs and interests of their constituents.

·       Jewish organizations will partner in initiatives that bolster the Jewish community and propel educators, lay leaders, and professional leadership to offer fresh, inclusive programming within their respective institutions.


How We Are Funded
Jewish LearningWorks is supported by the Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund, private foundations, individual donors, and fees for tuitions and service. Click to see full list of donors.