On the Map is a curriculum guide designed to make enduring change regarding how Israel is taught to middle and high school students.  The curriculum materials are organized thematically around seven units with accompanying materials.  Eight Bay Area congregational and day schools piloted the curriculum in 2016-17 and gave it rave reviews.  

Participation in this year’s OTM pilot includes three hours of teacher training, and an additional five hours of consultation support for your school during the year. Participating schools will be invited to join an end of the year gathering for idea sharing and to provide feedback and recommendations, and will be required to participate in a year end evaluation.  On the Map curricular program includes 2 binders, flash drive with PPT presentation and PDF document. The cost for participation is $500 per school. Our fall training will take place on Sunday, October 22.

For more information, or to join the pilot, please contact Vavi Toran: vtoran@jewishlearningworks.org