The Teen Curriculum Initiative (TCI) provides Jewish resources, student leadership opportunities and cultural programming on high school campuses. TCI works in partnership with students, educators and administrators to create compelling content for Jewish student clubs, classrooms, all-school programming, interschool retreats, conferences and professional development for teachers. TCI’s programs are open to all, including Jewish students, their friends and allies.

Programs For Students:                              
TCI will provide you the guidance and resources needed to start up or enhance a Jewish or multicultural club at your school. We will give you opportunities to develop your leadership skills and make a lasting impact on your community. We also provide funding through TConnect Grants for student-run programs.

Jewish Club Support
Jewish student clubs are a great way for Jewish students, their friends and allies to learn, socialize, plan school programs, and develop critical leadership skills. TCI provides mentoring, resources, and training to students and faculty to turn clubs into robust and enriching experiences. TCI meets with students as they formulate and develop their project ideas. We also provide grant support for students who are interested in starting a Jewish club and /or enrich their schools’ multicultural life.

TConnect Student
Empowerment Grants

Got a creative idea to bring Jewish programming into your school? Form a Jewish club? Or strengthen an existing one? TCI invites high school students to apply for a TConnect Student Empowerment Grant. Grants of up to $500 are available to support creative student-driven projects that:    

  • Broaden appreciation for Jewish culture in a school;    
  • Establish or strengthen a
    Jewish club;     
  • Integrate a Jewish voice into an existing school program or club.

Merit Mensch College
Scholarship Award

Merit Mensch is a college scholarship award for seniors who have shown outstanding leadership in their Jewish student clubs. The Merit Mensch Scholarship covers $1250 in education related expenses and provides an award of $250 to the club. This scholarship is available to all students, regardless of religious background. 

The Mickey Naggar Bourne
Israel Scholarship

The Mickey Naggar Bourne Israel Scholarship provides up to $1,000 to high school students who wish to travel to Israel through teen leadership programs.   All Bay Area high school students are eligible to apply.  Scholarship recipients are required to design a presentation that shares their experience with their local community.

Programs For Educators & Administrators:
TCI will work in partnership with you to customize TCI’s resources to best fit the needs of your school. We offer classroom presentations as well as professional development opportunities. We have also worked with many schools to create day-long conferences on Judaism and Spirituality and Identity


Classroom Presentations

Jewish Holidays
TCI offers interactive classroom presentations on various Jewish holidays. Past programs have included a sukkah building project for Sukkot, the festival of giving thanks for the fall harvest; Shabbat programs focusing on the concept of rest and how sanctifying time relates to our busy lives; and creating a Passover Seder in a school.

TCI offers classroom presentations and assembly programs on the Holocaust and Genocide. Enhance your World History/Holocaust Studies unit by inviting a presenter to your classroom. Programs are tailored made to the needs of your classroom community and are free of charge. Past programs have included:

  • Entry Points for Examining the Holocaust: Human Nature and Human Behavior
  • Race, Ideology and the Rise of Nazism
  • Understanding the Perpetrators
  • Teenage Diarists during the Holocaust
  • The Moral Universe of the Camps and Ghettos
  • Like Sheep to the Slaughter: Resistance during the Holocaust


Professional Development Opportunities
TCI provides resources and training for educators to explore issues of identity through a multicultural framework. TCI’s educator training sessions help educators to more effectively support Jewish culture and identity and enhance the quality of multicultural life at their schools. TCI recognizes that every school is different, and is committed to working in partnership with faculty and administrators to customize TCI’s resources to best fit the needs of each school.

TCI provides educators with:

  In-Services on topics such as Exploring the Responsibilities and Boundaries of FriendshipWhat’s So Bad About Gossip? The Teacher –Student RelationshipBuilding and Breaking Trust in Your School, and The Ethics of War

  Educator Workshops at conferences such as Creating Diverse Spiritual and Ethical School Communities: Surfacing and Dismantling Power and Privilegeat Holy Names High School

  Day-Long Trainings such as Engaging with Texts and Each Other: Building A Culture of Dialogue in the Classroom at Mercy High School

  Retreats such as Global Challenges in Pursuit of a Better World, a three-day educator and student retreat as part of the Jewbilee Weekend, Boston MA.

  Professional Development Fellowships such as the Tauber Holocaust Educator Fellowship and the Taube Study Seminar


Tauber Holocaust Educator Fellowship
The Tauber Holocaust Educator Fellowship is a year-long, advanced professional development opportunity for dedicated Holocaust educators.  Its goal is to convene and support an elite cadre of Holocaust education professionals, so that they in turn can inspire, educate and deliver innovative, high- quality Holocaust programming in their communities.

Through intensive study, critical colleagueship and project based learning, The Tauber Holocaust Educator Fellowship empowers Fellows to envision, create and implement innovative Holocaust initiatives while expanding their knowledge and collaborative partnerships in the Bay Area and Israel. 

The Tauber Fellowship:

  • provides a 3 week, professional development opportunity at Yad VaShem’s International Summer Seminar
  •  provides a program grant of up to $2,000 to design and implement a new school and/or community initiative on the Holocaust
  • requires Fellows to attend quarterly cohort meetings, and one weekend long retreat, to shape programmatic ideas into concrete projects for schools and/or communities


Applying for the Tauber Holocaust
Educator Fellowship

Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in teaching about the Holocaust and a demonstrated commitment to innovation in Holocaust education.  A program fee of $350.00 covers the cost of the Yad VaShem seminar, air transportation to and from Israel, and hotel. 

The Taube Study Seminar
The Taube Study Seminar is an advanced professional development opportunity for educators with a demonstrated commitment to innovation in Holocaust education.  Its goal is to develop a cadre of professionals to serve as catalysts for expanding the discourse and understanding of pre-war and contemporary Polish/Jewish life. 

Through intensive study, critical colleagueship, and transnational dialogue and engagement, the Taube Study Seminar empowers its participants to envision, create and inspire programming that transcends established narratives of Polish/Jewish history. 


The Taube Study Seminar:

  • Provides an immersive study opportunity through the Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland
  • Provides a stipend for independent study in Poland
  • Requires participants to select and research an area of interest and facilitate group learning in quarterly meeting
  • Requires participants to translate scholarship into curriculum by collaboratively producing a community/educator symposium