BASIS pursued a comprehensive approach to school improvement in Israel education.  To achieve that, BASIS included several interrelated dimensions that built upon each other.  This section describes these key activities that drive BASIS.

When we reflected on the achievements of BASIS and analyzed what worked well (and not so well), we boiled it down to six key interrelated ingredients:

  1.  Vision & Curriculum – articulating a school vision for excellence in Israel education, obtaining buy-in from key stakeholders in the school community, and translating that vision into arigorous, comprehensive and systematic approach to Israel education, sequenced through age/grade levels;
  2. Educational Strategies – implementation of creative and dynamic pedagogies – fresh ways to help students engage with Israel and develop a personal and meaningful relationship with Israel;
  3. Professional Development – developing educator knowledge and skills related to Israel educational subject matter, Israel educational strategies, and pedagogy;
  4. Communal Infrastructure – communal scaffolding that supports the schools, leads the initiative, and drives the communal activities, including professional development and curriculum development;
  5. School Infrastructure – school-based resources and structures to support the development of a comprehensive and dynamic Israel education program;
  6. Community & Communal Events – creating networking opportunities among educators and building a community of Israel educators across school communities that can support and learn from one another.

These six components are symbiotic – they support and build on each other. 

The Core Methods and Approaches section describes each of these interrelated components in detail.