The BASIS Director manages the day-to-day operation of the BASIS initiative, leading the team of BASIS consultants as they work with the schools and representing BASIS to the greater local Jewish community.

The Director strategizes with the team of BASIS consultants on how to move the overall BASIS initiative forward, and on how to support each individual school’s own BASIS journey. The BASIS Director must be someone who can work on macro and micro levels simultaneously; someone able to pay attention to a large number of details while keeping the big picture in mind at all times.

In addition to working with the schools and consultants, the BASIS Director serves as the main conduit for funneling BASIS funds from the initiative’s funder(s) to the schools. This includes writing regular reports to the funder(s) and reviewing reports submitted by the participating schools. Beyond supervising the use of current BASIS funding by the schools, the Director helps them plan for long term financial sustainability for their Israel Education endeavors.

As part of the“big picture” work, the Director works with an advisory committee to build support for the initiative (and Israel Education in schools, in general) in the wider Jewish community.

Among the BASIS consultant team members, the BASIS Director serves as the lead consultant for professional development. While direct PD consultation may fall to each school to the others on the team, the BASIS Director is ultimately responsible for organizing and delivering high quality Israel Education professional development to the entire BASIS community when it gets together for joint BASIS programming in the U.S. or Israel.

The BASIS Director must combine strength as an excellent and experienced Jewish and Israel educator, with a proven track record in management and administration. They must possess a strong knowledge of Israel education resources, and a large professional network in the field of Jewish education and Israel education. And of course, they must also be a fluent Hebrew speaker.

The BASIS Director interfaces with everyone from heads of school to teachers to community members to funders, so good interpersonal skills, in addition to strong written and oral communication skills, are a requirement for the job.


BASIS Director - Arts & Culture Specialist - Curriculum Specialist - Manchim - Organizational Development Consultants - Resource & Mapping Specialist - School Twinning & Travel Specialist