Vivian Gornik: Fierce Attachments: A Memoir

(Memoir, 203 pp. 1987)

A divorced writer and her mother take long walks through New York City, during which they talk, remember and reveal the difficult heart of their intense and tangled relationship. Starting with her childhood in the 1940s, Gornik compellingly recounts forty years of passion, rage, devotion, and connection between two strong-willed women, both with powerful stories to tell.  

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  • Review by Mona Simpson, New York Times, April 26, 1987
  • Review by Daphne Merkin, Los Angeles Times, June 7, 1987
  • Excerpt from Vivian Gornick’s The Situation and the Story (p.20-23)
  • Article by Terry Greene Sterling, “Confessions of a Memoirist,” Salon, August 1, 2003
  • Article by Vivian Gornick, “A Memoirist Defends her Words,” Salon, August 12, 2003
  • Article by Maureen Corrigan, “You, as a Reader, are a Dope,” Salon, January 6, 2007
  • Biographical sketch