Direct Support for Schools

On an annualized basis, the initiative provided an average of $86,547 per school.  By Year Four, this was reduced to $78, 250.  Of that sum:

$18,000 supported the Israel Education Coordinator (12 hours per week).

$  5,000 supported the Israel education consulting in the schools.

$  1,250 went to stipends supporting teacher participation in professional development (each coordinator received a $1,000 honorarium for participating in the Community of Practice).

$53,250 were allocated, on average, per school each year for Israel educational activities.  These funds were allocated on a per student basis (about $300 per student per year). 

By Year 4, the school communities were matching the Foundation’s contributions to their schools on nearly a 1:1 basis.  These investments came from several sources, chiefly:

  • Parents of students participating in Israel travel;
  • Donors supporting Israel education activities;
  • Tuition fees.

Communal “Scaffolding”

While 64% of BASIS funding went directly to the schools, 36% supported the communal scaffolding led by the central agency.  During years 1-3, this totaled about $500,000 per year.  By the final year, communal scaffolding expenses totaled about $415,000.  Those funds supported these central agency activities and roles: