BASIS Director - Arts & Culture Specialist - Curriculum Specialist - Manchim - Organizational Development Consultants - Resource & Mapping Specialist - School Twinning & Travel Specialist

The Jewish LearningWorks (formerly Bureau of Jewish Education) managed the day-to-day operation of the BASIS initiative.  The agency hired and employed a director who managed the initiative with the support of a team of specialists to work with the schools and to represent BASIS to the greater local Jewish community. This team included specialists in the following areas:   Curriculum Development, Arts and Culture, Twinning/Partnerships and Travel, Curriculum Mapping and Educational Resources.

The central agency created the infrastructure and strategies that moved the BASIS initiative forward, and supported each individual school on its own BASIS journey.

In addition, the central agency served as the main conduit for funneling BASIS funds from the initiative’s funder(s) to the schools.  The agency established bench marks for the project and created the appropriate forms and documents to allow for accountability and supervision. Beyond supervising the use of current BASIS funding by the schools, the central agency also helped them plan for long term financial sustainability for their Israel Education endeavors.

The central agency also contracted and hired Organizational Development (OD) experts to assist the schools in clarifying their Mission and Vision statements as well as contracted and assigned Manchim(Consultants) to the schools to assist them in the curriculum development work.