BASIS was more than the sum of Israel education programs in twelve schools.  It turned out that educators derived tangible benefit from participating in a community-wide program, from networking with one another, sharing successes and challenges, as a community of Israel educators emerged.

“Community” was achieved through a series of events and opportunities for educators to gather around common purpose, share knowledge and develop a network.  These events included:

  • Professional development opportunities – community-wide professional development programs created opportunities for educators to learn together and to discover commonalities and distinctions among their school programs;
  • Community of Practice – the CoP for Israel educators provided a regular, ongoing, structured environment for Israel educators to share information and build their network;
  • Cultural events – through BASIS, the schools organized a series of cultural events featuring performing arts – music, dance, theater, in which multiple schools, teachers, and students participated.  These further contributed to a “community of Israel education.”

The sense of belonging to a larger movement of Israel educators contributed to the momentum within the schools and has helped the schools sustain that momentum after the Foundation funding cycle ended.