As part of its emphasis on Israel Education through Arts & Culture, BASIS organizes community events to bring Israeil arts and culture - and contemporary Israel - to American students and educators. Throughout the course of the BASIS program, the BASIS Director and specialists plan a number of community-wide events for educators and students (and parents chaperones) from participating schools, usually scheduled to coincide with local appearances by well-known and admired Israeli performers, or cultural groups. Introducing well known, top-notch Israeli artists to schools, and their community of educators, students and lay leaders, drives personal connections to Israel, and Israelis up close, in a lively, vibrant experience.

BASIS reaches out to the artists or their representatives and arranges for them to hold a special performance, followed by a Q&A or interactive educational sessionwith the BASIS schools. Alternatively, the BASIS schools attend a regularly scheduled performance, and the artist agrees to do the interactive educational piece with the school either before or after the performance.

The BASIS Arts & Culture Specialist is most suited to oversee these community events and liaison with the artists to ensure the educational integrity of the interactive component. The participation of all or some of the schools in each of these events builds BASIS community spirit and is a cost effective means of exposing the students and teachers to artists they may otherwise not be able to see perform or meet.

We present you with an example of one such community event that took part during BASIS:  The BETA Dance Troup.  BETA is an Ethiopian Israeli dance company that performs traditional Ethiopian Jewish dance.  Students and teachers from five schools participated in a performance that included dance, spoken words and audience participation. 

This educational booklet was provided to the schools to assist in contextualizing the event, as well as an article that was published in the Forward about the event.