After one year, SRI reported:

BASIS has developed a network that supports collaboration across the Jewish day and high schools in the greater Bay Area. Schools are sharing resources and ideas with each other at CoP meetings and informally outside CoP meetings. Schools that have more expertise are able to support schools with less experience and through this process grow stronger themselves. For example, they have helped each other design more effective Israel trips and identify resources that have been successfully used by one of the project’s schools. Also, BASIS coordinators are engaging in hands-on work related to Israel education together. For example, coordinators are developing shared Israel units and events. This type of collaboration across schools had not existed before and presents a platform for future collaborative efforts across the schools.

Additionally, Jewish LearningWorks found that the increase in school twinnings and partnerships increased the frequency of Northern California – Israel people-to-people encounters, elevating the overall profile of Israel engagement among families in the community.

Finally, constituent with one of the goals of the program, Israel educational expertise, content, and resources in the community’s central agency for Jewish education (Jewish LearningWorks) was strengthened.

Attachedfind SRI’s Summative report of early outcomes from BASIS,  David Mittleberg’s report on the impact of Twinning and an overview evaluation of BASIS  by Jewish LearningWorks (formerly BJE.)