A menu of creative, dynamic and effective Israel education strategies that are holistic, involving formal and informal educational strategies, including school twinning, Israel travel, arts & culture, service-learning,shlichut, and technology. 

Student engagement with Israel is where the educational rubber hits the road.  A key component of BASIS involved educational consultants working closely with school educators, helping them learn and implement engaging methods in enabling students to construct personal and meaningful relationships with Israel.  Main areas of focus for the 1st BASIS cohort included:

Additional strategies and instruments of interest to schools include:  shlichut, service-learning, shlichut, and technology.

These strategies are implemented by the schools, integrated into their respective curricula.  This “curricularization” is an important aspect of BASIS.  Israel travel, mifgashim (encounters with Israelis), and school twinnings can be approached as extra-curricular activities.  More profound and enduring educational impact can be realized from an intentional weaving of these experiential strategies into the educational program – such that they are serving the deep and broad educational objectives articulated in the enduring understandings envisioned for students.  Click here for an example of a travel itinerary explicitly intended to realize educational goals.

BASIS educational consultants introduce these strategies to school educators, and consult with them on their applicability to their educational vision and school community.  Once strategies are identified, BASIS consultants work with the educators to develop their capacity to utilize this strategy successfully.