The BASIS Coordinator is the critical agent, the go-to person, for everything related to Israel education at the school. She drives the BASIS initiative at the school day-to-day, keeps it moving forward, and ensures that the school’s changes to curriculum and pedagogy connect to teaching and learning about Israel.

This is a 1-2-day per week[1] permanent position (usually part of full-time employee’s portfolio). It is preferable for the Coordinator to be knowledgeable about Israel. However, research and experience have shown that for the Coordinator to be effective, it is even more important that she be someone with both power and influence in the school’s community.

Since the Coordinator is responsible for creating an enduring transformation, she must have the authority to change structures and the credibility among her peers to shift them from their usual practices. Strong backing from the Head of School is essential, but the Coordinator must herself be someone who can influence and inspire others by virtue of her own passion, knowledge and example.

The Coordinator must have strong leadership, communications and organizational skills. Time management ability is key, as the Coordinator must be sure to devote the required and allotted time per week to her BASIS responsibilities.

Within the school, the Coordinator is responsible for coordinating meetings of the school’s Israel Education team (Leadership Team) and Curriculum Team. She also oversees the integration of chosen Israel education pedagogies (Israel travel, arts and culture, school twinning, etc.) into the school’s curriculum. In addition, it is her role to coordinate the introduction of any new technological tools supporting curricular or pedagogical change. As well, she identifies and coordinates Israel education professional development opportunities for the school’s faculty and administration.

The Coordinator also serves as the liaison between the school, the community’s central agency, national agencies, and other schools participating in the initiative. She participates in the Community of Practice (CoP) meetings together with Coordinators from the other participating schools, and prepares all planning and reporting documentation pertaining to BASIS in her school.

Here is an example from Brandeis Hillel Day School listing the responsibilities of the Israel Coordinator.


Coordinator - Israel Curriculum Team - Head of School - In School Consultations & Workshops  
School Community - School-Based Educational Projects - Plan for Sustainable Funding - Leadership Team

[1] The coordinator position was initially 8 hours per week and was expanded to 12 hours per week.