The cost of the actual initiative over four years was: $6,539,275. These funds supported Israel education activities in 12 campuses as well as various centralized services provided by the community central agency for Jewish education.

Support for work within the schools averaged about id="mce_marker" million per year (the total for four years was $4,154,250).  It was directed as follows:

  • 72% - Grants for Israel education activities consistent with the school’s articulated vision for Israel education excellence and with the stated aims of the overall initiative;
  • 21% - Salaries for Israel education coordinators in the schools (8-12 hours per week);
  • 6% - Consultants who worked with each school to help them realize their vision for Israel education;
  • 1% - Stipends to support educators who participated in the central agency’s professional development programs.

The remaining $2,385,025 supported the central agency’s efforts to lead and manage the initiative and support the schools.  Those funds were spent as follows:

  • Professional Development programs
  • Educational specialists & consultants
  • Communal Israel educational cultural events
  • BASIS management, grant administration, reporting, marketing and overhead

Direct Support for Schools

On an annualized basis, the initiative provided an average of $86,547 per school.  Of that sum:

id="mce_marker"8,000 supported the Israel education coordinator

$  5,000 supported the Israel education consulting

$  1,250 went to stipends supporting teacher participation in professional development

$62,296 were allocated, on average, per school each year for Israel educational activities.  These funds were allocated on a per student basis (about $325 per student per year).

By Year 4, the school communities were matching the Foundation’s contributions to their schools on nearly a 1:1 basis.  These investments came from several sources, chiefly:

  • Parents of students participating in Israel travel;
  • Donors supporting Israel education activities;
  • Tuition fees.

Communal “Scaffolding”

While 64% of BASIS funding went directly to the schools, 36% supported the communal scaffolding led by the central agency.  Funds supported these central agency activities and roles:

  • BASIS Director
  • Educational specialists:
  1. Curriculum Development
  2. Israel Travel, Encounters, & Twinning
  3. Arts & Culture
  • Community of Practice for Israel educators
  • Professional Development forums and seminars
  • Community-wide Israel educational events
  • Grants administration and reporting
  • Marketing and administrative overhead

Click here for a graph detailing the funding and reporting cycle as it took place during the BASIS initiative.