Curriculum mapping is a component of the BASIS curriculum development work. The mapping concept is introduced to the schools by the BASIS Curriculum Development Consultant, and then the actual mapping work done by the schools is guided by the BASIS Mapping & Resource Specialist.  The Mapping Specialist is expert in the use of the mapping tools (in BASIS the tool used was ATLAS.)  Other mapping tools are also available. To learn more about possible options for mapping, contact Lesley Litman at

The Manchim may also assist in mapping work, as they are the ones who work most closely with the individual schools on their formal curriculum development.

Curriculum mapping work does not end with the initial mapping of the Israel Education that pre-exists the introduction of BASIS. The mapping tool should continue to be used throughout the BASIS process and beyond. The idea is to build the map out by adding new information, so that the map serves not only as a database resource for an individual school, but also as a resource to share with other schools that use the tool as part of their Israel Education curriculum development.