The Curriculum Specialist, a recognized expert in both curriculum development and Israel education, works with participating schools in their efforts to translate the Israel Education Vision Statement crafted by its BASIS Leadership Team into curriculum and pedagogies for all grades. This BASIS consultant works BASIS Coordinators at their Community of Practice meetings, and leads workshops throughout the year, for BASIS Curriculum Team members from all participating schools.

While other BASIS consultants (Manchim, Strategies Consultants, Mapping Consultant) work one-on-one and directly with the participating schools, the Curriculum Specialist works more on the “meta level,” introducing key “big picture” concepts and approaches to prepare schools for their curriculum and Israel Education strategies work with the other BASIS consultants.  The Curriculum Specialist provides guidance and oversight for curricular work by coordinating the work of the Manchim and other BASIS consultants and serving as an expert resource for them, as opposed to developing school-specific strategies.

The Curriculum Specialist assists schools in mapping their current (pre-BASIS) Israel Education content, introducing them to relevant technological tools such as ATLAS. Another important component is guiding schools to articulate desired Israel Education learning outcomes (using the Understanding By Design methodology) based on each school’s new or revised Israel Education Vision Statement.

The Curriculum Specialist educates schools about the process of developing a curriculum scope and sequence designed to meet those outcomes, including the articulation of the knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes each school wishes its graduates to have in regard to Israel. Finally, this specialist initiates, with each school, the process of identifying their most suitable Israel Education pedagogies (or strategies), and in developing corresponding curricular units.


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