Customizable Workshops and Trainings

We are pleased to offer the following customizable, on-site workshops for all educational settings.  Workshop costs vary, and we would be happy to discuss how to make them affordable for your setting.  Please contact Dana Sheanin for more information

On the Map/Off the Map

The many maps of Israel and the stories they tell.  This workshop offers an exploration of narratives, points of view and commentary through reading and decoding maps.

In his book The Power of Maps, Geographer Denis Wood reminds us that maps “are embedded in a history they help to construct.” With these words, Wood identifies two aspects that a critical reader must bring to their encounter with maps: Like all other historical sources, maps can be “factual” but they must also be read carefully as contextualized documents.  The maps of Israel are no exception - they too must be read with a discerning eye, in order to understand the subtext they represent.  This workshop utilizes materials from On the Map, JLW’s successfully piloted seven-unit curriculum framework for middle and high school students.

Poster Tales

The historical and contemporary posters designed for Israel’s Independence Day throughout the years serve as the backdrop for this workshop. These posters offer a rare perspective into Israel’s national mood and aspirations as well as its historic and esthetic timeline. They reflect on the struggles, values and ideals of Israeli society and the social and technological changes that have taken place throughout the years.  In this interactive workshop participants explore their connection to and knowledge of Israel and learn how to decode some of the symbols and ideas communicated visually.

 Typical Israeli? No such thing! – Exploring Identity Through Israel’s Art and Culture

Delving into Israeli art and culture is a compelling way to explore the many faces of Israel. Through Israeli artistic prisms we will examine the concepts of identity, belonging, and bayit (home)— themes that are universal, personal, and relevant to our lives. By sampling verbal, musical and visual text, we will explore how Israeli artists have questioned their own complex identities, sense of belonging, and the meaning of home. 

 Shirey Moledet (Songs of the Homeland) Then and Now

Israeli music has come a long way since the early days of Shirey Moledet - songs praising the nascent homeland. Dating from 1920 forward, these songs were written by people born outside of Eretz Yisrael who had adopted her as their homeland. Written and sung by pioneers, rich with ideology, in solidarity and as a collective voice, these songs sing the homeland's praises. This session unpacks the transformation of these songs and of modern Israel over time by exploring them chronologically, offering a historical narrative that will introduce listeners to the Israeli way of life, its culture, history and society. 

 Playful Art Identity Exploration

Inspired by Hanoch Piven, a celebrated Israeli artist working with found objects to create portraits, we will be introduced to Piven’s special approach to art and objects and explore individual personal, professional, communal, and familial identities. The workshop includes a hands-on art activity with junk and found objects employing playful technique.