The organizational development (OD) consultant can be helpful in guiding the school through the initial process of introducing BASIS to the school community, setting up its BASIS Leadership Team (especially the inclusion of representatives of all stakeholders, including parents and lay leaders), and developing a methodology for its work going forward. This would include the Israel Education visioning process and the appointment of the school’s Israel Education Curriculum Team.  Because effective Israel education involves the entire school community, we believe school community buy-in is essential.  Organizational development expertise can be helpful in developing community consensus.

While some schools may appreciate guidance in the early stages of the BASIS process, others may find the support of the organizational development consultant to be equally or more important later on as they focus more on devising their sustainability plans for BASIS.

Because this is a resource that may not be sought out or well received by every school, it is best to assess the need for assigning an organizational development consultant on a school-by-school basis.

The organizational development consultants brought on to assist with the BASIS initiative work as a team, reporting both individually and as a group to the BASIS Director. Although they are part of the overall BASIS effort, they do not work closely with the BASIS curriculum consultants and Israel Education strategies consultants.

In hiring the organizational development consultants for BASIS, it is recommended that the Central Agency consider whether they have had prior experience working in school settings, on educational projects, or within the Jewish community. Potential consultants who do not meet any of these criteria may not be the right fit for BASIS.


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