A long and often toxic presidential campaign is over and the results have our community and our children processing their thoughts and feelings.  To support parents and educators as they support their children and students, we've compiled resources.  We welcome any additional resources you have found helpful.  Please send them to SGilman@jewishlearningworks.org for inclusion.

A few resources for educators and parents:

What to Say to Your Students - from Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools

How to talk to children about difficult news - from American Psychological Association

Difficult Conversations with Kids - from Care.com

To Talk to Your Child About the Election, Tell Then They Are Safe... from The Forward.

Teaching Tolerance - aggregated resources for educators and parents from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Study Leads to Action Curriculum - Curriculum for middle schoolers, teaching Jewish values, including mindful speech.

Source Sheet on Jewish Masculinity - From Sefaria

What to Say to Kids on November 10 and the Days After

ADL’s materials to assist parents and teachers in talking to children about the events this week.

Election 2016:  Teaching Resources - ADL Materials to facilitate discussions with young people about many of the issues that arose in the campaign.

Talking to teens in this political environment from Moving Traditions