Empowering Jewish Parents

We believe that parents are their children’s ultimate teachers.  With guidance, support and resources that meet families where they are, we empower parents with the knowledge and confidence they need to raise their children in joyful Jewish homes. We inspire and equip these parents to create memorable holiday celebrations, to incorporate Jewish traditions and values in their everyday lives, and to forge meaningful connections to the Jewish community.

We accomplish these goals through a multi-faceted approach:

@Home Parent Guides  - These printable resource guides support parents as they enrich their families’ celebration of holidays and their experience of Jewish life. They empower parents with “how to” information crafted with pluralistic, inclusive and nonjudgmental language. Through stories, songs, art, movement, recipes and social action projects, families explore traditions, values, rituals, community engagement and more. Thousands of @Home guide have been downloaded by parents and educators across the United States and beyond.

Shabbat Lab / Shabbat Lab: Your WayShabbat Lab is a guided, activity-filled hands-on celebration of Shabbat tailored specifically for you. Join two other families to connect with traditions and make new memories. Form a group yourself, or rely on us and walk away with a celebration kit, a deeper understanding of several Shabbat rituals, and an experience that will empower you to confidently create meaningful Shabbat traditions that are fun and relevant for you and your children.  Especially for families with a mixed heritage, Shabbat Lab: Your Way does all of the above with the additional consideration of your family's background.

Kesher Family Concierge –Kesher (Connection in Hebrew) takes an intimate approach to empowering parents. Our concierge professionals work closely with individuals and couples to explore how to create meaningful Jewish lives for their families.  Our concierges build relationships, offer consultations, provide skills training, and refer parents to educational programs through local Jewish organizations. Parents report that this one-on-one support is pivotal in helping them build Jewish homes.

Special Needs Inclusion - Jewish LearningWorks serves families with children who have special needs.  With the goal of fostering an environment of warmth, acceptance, and meaningful inclusion in the Jewish community, we provide resources and training to educators to develop programming designed with the needs of different types of learners explicitly in mind.  We have produced activity pages for kids, host workshops for educators and have a robust online resource for families with children with special needs.  


To learn more about the ways we're empowering parents, email David Waksberg  dwaksberg@jewishlearningworks.org