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Enchanted Journey with Piyut*

  • JCC East Bay 1414 Walnut Street, Berkeley, CA 94709 (map)

Experiential workshop for educators and beyond

Led by Rabbi Tsipora Gabai and Vavi Toran

Connect with the rich heritage of this musical tradition and the different Kehillot (communities) from around the world, their history, folklore, food, customs and the special sounds and Piyutim they bring with them.

Learn a few Piyutim, try a variety of musical instruments, explore several educational curricula and discuss ways to bring it to your family, school, congregation or community.

Visiting artist Yair Harel’s residency at the Magnes and his workshop at Jewish LearningWorks  last year renewed interest in the ancient art of Piyut. Based on feedback from participants, we identified a need for follow-up programs that bring Piyut to Bay Area communities and schools in a thoughtful way. This is one such program.

Explore An Invitation to Piyut here.

*What is Piyut?
Hebrew Liturgical Poems (piyutim), chanted for centuries across the Diaspora, have been adapted to different melodies, evolving into a form of “Jewish world music” with roots in Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East. In the last decade, the global Jewish music of Piyut has exploded into a national movement in Israel with annual music festivals, recordings by Israel’s rock stars, and Piyut singing communities, and is now spreading to North America.








Rabbi Tsipora Gabai

Daughter of an Orthodox Sephardic rabbi in northern Israel, Rabbi Gabai grew up on the rich traditions, prayers and piyutim of her community. In her capacity as the Rabbi and Head of Judaic Studies and Hebrew at Tehiyah Day School, she incorporates her knowledge and love for piyutum in the classroom, during prayer, and in the everyday life of the entire school community.


Vavi Toran

As the Arts and Culture Specialist at Jewish LearningWorks, Vavi fashions educational strategies and programs focusing on the integration of the arts in Jewish setting and in education that have since become a model locally and nationally.  She has won numerous awards and honors for excellence in the field of education.


Sponsored by:
Piyut North America (with support from the Alan B. Slifka Foundation), Jewish LearningWorks, Jewish Community Center of the East Bay, and Tehiyah Day School

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