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Yom HaZikaron

Begins at sundown on May 10.

Yom Ha'zikaron was decreed by law in 1963, but the practice of commemorating the fallen on this day started in 1951 to mark the connection between Independence Day and the people who died to achieve and maintain this independence. The day is dedicated to commemorating the country's soldiers and members of security forces, the memory of the fallen from the pre-state undergrounds, and to victims of terrorism.

The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) radio station Galey Tzahal found a creative way to remember some of the fallen. Twelve years ago, as part of the commemorations on Yom Ha'zikaron, the radio station initiated a musical project named "Soon We Will Become a Song" (Od me'at nahafoch le'shir) in which prominent Israeli musicians volunteer to write scores for and perform songs written by soldiers who fell in the line of duty. Read More