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Yom HaAtzma'ut

Begins at sundown on May 11. 

Held on the fifth day of the Hebrew calendar month of Iyar, Yom HaAtzma'ut is a modern holiday celebrating Israel's independence in 1948.  Israeli Independence Day is always immediately preceded by Yom Hazikaron - Memorial Day for the Fallen Israeli Soldiers. 

There is not yet an accepted "tradition" of how to celebrate this holiday, and only time will tell whether certain customs, foods, prayers, and melodies will be linked in the Jewish mind with this holiday, as with holidays that emerged many centuries before Yom Ha'atzmaut. For Jews around the world, joining with Israelis celebrating Yom Ha'atzmaut has become a concrete link in the Jewish connection to the land of Israel.

 In many North American congregations, the joint public celebration often is augmented by a religious service. In some cases, this would occur on the Shabbat closest to Yom Ha'atzmaut and would consist of additional readings added to the service and, usually, the singing of Hatikvah (the Israeli national anthem).