Freedom Resources

Slavery remains very much alive in our world and in our lives. In fact, abolitionists assert that there are more than 20 million people in some form of slavery today - more than at the peak of the slave trade two centuries ago.

Passover offers a wonderful opportunity to shine a light on contemporary slavery. Just as Passover calls upon us to feel as if we ourselves were slaves, it calls upon us to not avert our eyes to the trafficking and bondage that surround us.

Therefore, we have compiled some slavery-free resources to help us learn and teach. They include:

  • Curricular materials for educators about contemporary slavery through a Jewish lens;
  • Texts/source material related to slavery/trafficking/unfair & exploitive labor practices
  • Supplementary material for Seders dealing with contemporary slavery/trafficking;
  • Background information on contemporary slavery and trafficking in our world, our products, our community, and our lives, and what we can do about it.
  • Information on Fair Trade products
  • Anti-Slavery Hagaddot

We are indebted to our friends at Fair Trade Judaica for their partnership in preparing these materials. We hope you find them useful.

Overall Resource:

Fighting Modern-day Slavery Includes background information on contemporary slavery, Jewish text/source material, discussion questions for educators, and a specific lesson plan (Fair Food for Kids). 


Fair Food for Kids  Unit for pre-adolescent children.

Chocolate Chips/Pea Pods Unit for adolescents and teens. 

Masekhet Zechuyot Ha-Adam (Universal Declaration of Human Rights with Jewish Sources) This pair of educational resources  from Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster and Ilana Schatz, can be used with teens, young adults and adults.

Text/Source Material

Dignity of Work and the Indignity of Slavery  Textual sources and discussion questions, by Rabbi Gordon Tucker

Text Sheet  & Text Study Guide Torah and Rabbinic texts on slavery & trafficking with study guide by Naomi Graetz.

Supplemental Readings For Your Seder

Modern Slavery - Seder Prayer

Pesach and Slavery Then and Now By Rabbi Gilah Langner

A TOMATO ON THE SEDER PLATE Standing with Farmworkers in their Struggle to Uproot Modern-Day Slavery

The Fifth Question and The Fourth Matzah

Slavery in America

Tomato on the Seder Plate  Slavery in Florida


Fair Trade Dayenu


Background Information on Contemporary Slavery and Traffickng

How Many Slaves Work for You? 

Trafficking – How You Can Help

Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition Brochure

Worse Than You Think- Info sheets from YWCA:

·         10 Surprising Facts

·         Definition & Types

·         Bay Area Human Trafficking

·         Signs to Look For

Fair Trade Info

Jewish Values & Fair Trade

Fair Trade Your Seder

Fair Trade Chocolate You Can Eat on Passover

Anti-Slavery Haggadot:

From Liberation To Freedom  A Passover Sourcebook

The Freedom Haggadah An Anti-trafficking Seder By the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

From Chains To Change  A publication of Moral Voices, Initiative of Penn Hillel

Special Thanks to Fair Trade Judaica and the creators of these wonderful resources, including YMCA, T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, Rabbis for Human Rights-North America, and Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition.

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