The BASIS Model involved a cycle of support and accountability among three parties:

  • The Funder:  The Jim Joseph Foundation
  • The Operating Agency:  Jewish LearningWorks
  • The Schools

The Funder provided support for both the central infrastructure of support (the BASIS program at Jewish LearningWorks) and for the BASIS activities occurring in the schools, including:

  • BASIS (Israel Education) Coordinator
  • Consultants working directly with the schools
  • Israel educational projects and activities

Jewish LearningWorks disbursed these funds to the schools.  The funding for BASIS Coordinators and consultants were fixed.  Schools were solicited to submit proposals for BASIS-funded projects and activities, which were conceived and developed in consultation with BASIS staff.  The BASIS Director would approve school proposals for funding, and obtain progress reports from the schools.  In turn, the BASIS Director would provide the Funder with summary reports on school progress and outcomes.