The Head of School must be a BASIS champion. Their full support is essential to the success of the initiative. They serve as a key member of the school’s BASIS Leadership Team, and have the final say when it comes to decisions about the program in their school.  It is important for the Head of School to be completely on board with the BASIS process, engaged, and able to clearly articulate the value of Israel education to the entire school community.

The success of each BASIS Coordinator is dependent upon having thefull support of the Head of School (for instance, in regard to allotting the necessary time in a work schedule to devote exclusively to BASIS work). While the role of the school’s BASIS Coordinator is paramount to the initiative’s success, their success is linked to having considerable support, internally and externally, from the Head of School. In cases where the Coordinator may not end up possessing the necessary clout to get the job done as effectively as desired, it is usually the Head of School who steps in to help move the process forward. Heads of Schools’ support and leadership are especially critical to the intensive and challenging curriculum development aspect of BASIS.


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