The current situation in Israel is complex and can be very confusing. Here are a few resources to help you unpack some of the questions that might arise for you, for your students and for your colleagues.

Several of these resources were curated during the summer of 2014, but have relevance for any time of violence and crisis.

It's (Still) Time to Think Slowly - revised article
by Jan Katzew, the iCenter for Israel Education

Jewish Day Schools: Addressing Israel in This Time of Crisis
by Lesley Litman, the iCenter for Israel Education

Three Questions to Ask During a War (and During Peacetime Too)
by Josh Feigelson, the iCenter for Israel Educaiton

Finding Moments to Teach and Learn Amidst Tragedy and Loss
by Adam Stewart, the iCenter for Israel Education

Educators Are Real People Too
by David Bryfman, Jewish Education Project

There is Something You Can DO Right Now 
by Bob Sherman, CEO of Jewish Education Project

Leaving Baggage and Blame at the Door – How to Talk About Israel and Gaza
by Brad Hirschfield, The Wisdom Daily

Seeking New Insights into Difficult Questions
from the Center for Jewish Peoplehood

Ethics of War Presentation
by Moshe Halbertal, Shalom Hartman Institute
This speech outlines the ethics of war, specifically those that relate to what is being debated concerning Israel and Hamas (November 2012) 

The Complexity of "Complexity" in Israel Education
by Alex Sinclair, eJewish Philanthropy

Encounter Conversation Guidelines 
Downloadable guidelines to help create a framework in which people of diverse ideological viewpoints can explore deeply contentious and charged topics respectfully. We, at Jewish LearningWorks are using these guidelines in our educators' gatherings to discuss the present Israel-Gaza conflict.

The Delegitimisation Challenge: The Forecast for the Jewish State
Yossi Klein Halevi speaking at the Garf Oration, Shalom Institute
An hour-long in depth historical analysis and commentary leading up to present day issues.

School Year (in Israel) to Open With Recovery from Gaza War
by Stuart WIner, The Times of Israel