Schools that chose to be part of BASIS needed to allocate time, money and human resource to the process.  The school needed to create infrastructure to allow the process to proceed.  The internal infrastructure in the school included a committed head of school, a BASIS coordinator, a Leadership Team and a Curriculum Team.  In addition, the school needed to put a funding and sustainability plan in place in order to ensure that the school could take on the necessary steps to implement a sound Israel Education program.  BASIS encompassed all school community including students, teachers, administrators, lay leaders and parents.  Special attention was given to include all of these communities in the process.  The schools were provided with support in each step of the process.  Manchim (Consultants) were assigned to each school to support the work and individuals who were leading the process in the schools.  


Coordinator - Israel Curriculum Team - Head of School  - In School Consultations & Workshops - School Community - School-Based Educational Projects - Plan for Sustainable Funding - Leadership Team