Israel Education Project, funded by Jim Joseph Foundation, operated by Jewish LearningWorks, in collaboration with 11 Jewish schools in Northern California, 2008-2012.  BASIS means Bay Area Schools Israel Synergy in English; in Hebrew: BAtei Sefer Israel – San Francisco.


Mancheh means coach in Hebrew.  In BASIS, manchim (plural ofmancheh) acted as Israel education coaches/consultants to the schools.


Encounter in Hebrew.  Refers to programs that facilitate meaningful interaction among American and Israeli participants.


Emissaries in Hebrew.  Shlichim refers to Israeli representatives who may be sent to live and work in a school or community.  Schools may useshlichim as teachers to help Israel education in the school. 


Partnerships between Israeli and American institutions.  School twinnings paired American Jewish schools with Israeli schools.  These partnerships fostered rich exchanges among faculty, students, administrators, and school communities and families. 

Understanding by Design (UbD)

An outcome-oriented approach to pedagogy, including curriculum design, classroom instruction, and performance assessment.  UbD focuses on developing in-depth understanding of subject matter among students.