M2 Community Labs


M2 Community Labs


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M2 Community Lab 2 : Imagineering: The Art and Science of Out-of-the-Box Thinking
Wednesday/Thursday May 2nd - 3rd

What if?  These two words have the power to transform our capacity to think limitlessly and boundlessly.  What if we had the tools to think outside the box… to innovate… to transform space and environments? What if we could control our ability to think creatively? And what if we could reimagine the scope of our programs? Learn how to unshackle your creative self and surface extraordinarily innovative possibilities, and incorporate these ideas into your programs! 

M2 Community Lab 1: Intrinsic Motivation
Monday/Tuesday march 19th - 20th

Research tells us that intrinsic motivation is one of the leading factors that drives initiative.  Many believe that you have it or you don’t! Recent findings say that it can be sparked, and an educator can play a lead role in motivating their learners.  Over the course of this convening, participants will apply these findings to their practice and design programs that their participants are inclined to attend!



M2 Community Lab 3: The Design of Memorable Experiences
Tuesday/Wednesday October 23rd - 24th

The field of neuroscience and the processes of memory formation are directly related to designing memorable experiences.  In what ways can our understanding of how memories are created influence the programs we design? In this seminar, participants will learn underlying theories and practical techniques to create programs that can be impactful in the present and for years to come.