The BASIS Leadership Team oversees the BASIS initiative at each school. The team, preferably made up of diverse stakeholders, ensures that the BASIS process proceeds with integrity.

Ideally, the Leadership Team includes: the Head of School; the BASIS Coordinator; a representative from the Judaic Studies faculty; a representative from the General Studies faculty; a senior administrator; a lay leader (board member); and a parent representative.

While the first inclination is to put together a team of individuals with pre-existing attachments to Israel, and a great deal of knowledge about Israel, schools achieve greater results from teams of people who are most effective at moving the BASIS precess forward (regardless of their prior connection to Israel). Leadership Team members must be well organized, team players, and well respected and influential within the school community.

Although the BASIS Coordinator owns most of the day-to-day responsibility for making sure that the initiative progresses apace, the Leadership Team is responsible for the “big picture” planning and implementation. Initially, the Leadership Team makes decisions regarding the approach the school is taking in regard to Israel education. The first step toward doing this is writing or revising the school’s Israel education vision and mission statements.

Later, the Leadership Team makes decisions that move the BASIS process forward, and supports the BASIS Coordinator. It assists the BASIS Coordinator and Head of School in choosing the members of the school’s Israel Education Curriculum Team. Other Leadership Team work entails helping with curriculum mapping, with the incorporation of chosen Israel education pedagogies in the school, and with disseminating updates on the BASIS process within the school and to all stakeholders.

The Leadership Team creates a sustainability plan for BASIS that will enable it to continue in the school beyond the initial funding period. Crafting the sustainability plan could be the work of the Leadership Team, or of a special committee appointed by the Leadership Team.

As BASIS first gets underway in each school, the Leadership Team meet frequently. The frequency of the meetings will decrease as the process progresses. However, best practices recommend that to be effective, the Leadership Team meet no less than four times during the school year.


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