The Manchim are top-level educators (respected Jewish and/or Israel Education consultants and/or academics) who work one-on-one with a school to coach it through its BASIS work over the course of several years. Manchim work with the school’s BASIS Coordinator, its Israel Education Curriculum Team, and its Head of School.

The Manchim, or coaches, are members of the BASIS consultant team. BASIS provides the schools with funding to engage the Manchim.

Although the Manchim likely have knowledge and expertise in professional development, as well as educational strategies and content, their role is really akin to that of a professional coach for curriculum development process. After the schools have been introduced to the key elements of the curriculum development (Understanding By Design, curriculum mapping concepts and tools, scope & sequence creation, identification of prefered Israel Education strategy(ies)) by the BASIS Curriculum Specialist, the Manhim support the schools in their individual work with these elements.

Manchim from around thesupport BASIS schools. Because they are not local, their in-person visits to the school are less frequent than those of other BASIS consultants. However, they consult via phone, videoconferencing (eg. Skype) and email,  to each school’s BASIS team think through challenges and problem solve.

Initially, the BASIS Director pairs a specific Mancheh (singular of Manchim) with a given school.  In later stages of the process, schools may request to work with a specific Mancheh. The most successful partnerships pair a Mancheh with a school whose chosen Israel Education strategy (or strategies) best match their Israel Education expertise.

The following individuals have served as BASIS Manchim in the past:

Rami Wernik, North American Director, MAKOM

Reuven Greenvald, Director of Community Initiatives, MAKOM

Alex Pomson, Professor, Melton Center for Jewish Education, Hebrew Univeristy

Alexandra Benjamin, American Friends of Melitz

Marion Gribetz, Gribetz Mencow Consultants

Miriam Heller Stern, American Jewish University

Steve Israel

Rachel Korazim


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