Teen Initiative | MENTORSHIP

Offer or receive support by becoming part of a structured mentorship relationship. Veteran and new youth professionals will be matched for individualized, meaningful coaching.

I want to connect with a Mentor

  • Commit to making the time to meet and talk with your mentor over 6 month period

  • Pick a topic or area in which you would like to focus and grow

  • Focus on skill/s that you hope to develop

  • See above for specific expectations

I want to be a Mentor!  

  • 6 month, 10 hour minimum commitment

  • Four scheduled 60 minute 1:1 meetings, in person or on the phone, plus 45 minutes of preparation and follow up for each meeting (September 2019-April 2020)

  • Three 30 minute phone calls "as needed" with mentee

  • Mentors will receive a $1000 honorarium as a token of our gratitude.


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