BASIS was a four-year initiative; we envision a shorter time-frame for future initiatives.  We recommend a planning year, followed by a two-year implementation in the schools.

We project the cost of the program per school might average $71,500 per year (not including parent-funded student travel).  The optimal condition is a multi-school cohort.  In the detailed cost schedule below, we offer a range of costs.  Here, we present a likely average scenario:

Total cost of the initiative within the schools (for 8 schools):                     $600,000

Cost of the community “scaffolding:”                                                             $350,000

Total annual cost for an eight school initiative:                                            $950,000

We also recommend a planning year ($100-120,000) and evaluation ($80-100,000).

Our recommended model would involve a three-way partnership including:

  • The school community;
  • The larger community (community federation)
  • A foundation or other outside funding source (national or local)

The school community would contribute the costs for student Israel travel (primarily from parents) and additional costs that may represent 25-33% of the in-school costs (we project about a $20,000 per year investment from the school, beyond student travel fees).

Remaining funding would be contributed from external sources.  These would include the local community federation and other donors with an interest in improving Israel education.

Thus, a likely funding scenario for an eight school initiative could look like this:

Year One:                                    $200,000              (Planning & Evaluation)

Year Two                                     $950,000

Year Three                                  $950,000

Total for 3 Years:                      $2,100,000

Total Contributions:

Schools:                                       $320,000              $20,000 per school per year for 8 schools for 2 years

Community Federation         $890,000              $100,000 in Year One, $395,000 per year for years 2 & 3

Additional Funding Source   $890,000              $100,000 in Year One, $395,000 per year for years 2 & 3

Detailed School Costs

As stated above, for an optimal program which include all of the elements of BASIS, an average cost per school would be $71,500 per year.  We anticipate a range, between $43,600-$99,500, as follows:

These are rough projections, assuming an average-size school (200 students). 

We anticipate annual school costs as follows:

Israel coordinator:                                       $12,000 – 18,000

Assuming a 12 - 18 hour/week position.  Various factors play a role in the possible variance of cost for the Coordinator.  Among them are the size of school (a bigger school will require more hours) the number and nature of strategies that the school is involved with (if a school is involved with a school twinning or partnership program, a coordinator will have to invest a lot of time in managing the relationship and coordinate with the Israeli side.)  Another variance has to do with the role that the coordinator plays in the process.  In quite a few schools the head of Judaic Studies took the lead in the Curriculum process, with limited involvement from the coordinator. 

Honoraria for educators participating in Professional Development:                              $500-$1000:       

 Assuming 5 PD sessions @ $100-$200 a session 

Variance is based on financial capacity of the schools or community.

Israel events in the school                                                                                                                    $800-1,500

The events include performances, speakers, school wide art projects etc.  Assuming 2-3 events per year @ $200- $500 per event=$800-1,500 per school.  BASIS schools collaborated on shared events, which contributed to community-building and saved money.

Consultants (Pedagogy, curriculum design, travel, tech, etc.)                                                              $1,500 – 5,000

BASIS employed world-renowned consultants to assist the schools in creating the best Israel program possible.  These consultants assisted the schools in the area of UbD, curriculum development, travel, family education, mapping tools, technology, organizational development and fundraising.  Consultants were paid X$500-$1000 per day x 3-5 days of work with the schools during the year.  In some cases, expertise in specific area, such as UbD, might already be found in the schools or in the community.  As another example, two of the BASIS schools were already using the Atlas mapping tool and did not need as much training regarding the use of the tool. Local expertise could reduce the consultancy cost significantly.    

Professional Development programs in the school                                                                   $800-$2,000

Professional Development in Schools include areas such as induction, pedagogy,

curriculum development, curriculum mapping, Israel content and educational strategies.  As mentioned before, schools could use in-house experts, or professionals who are already employed in the community in order to cut cost.  Assuming 4 Sessions per year X $200-$500 per session=$800-$2,000

Substitute teachers for classroom coverage during PD time                                                 $2,000

Teachers’ Professional Development in Israel                                                                           $5,000-10,000

(1-2 participant per year, $5,000 per participant)

Israel Educational Strategies (other than travel)                                                                         $1000-30,000

School based strategies for Israel Education (other than travel) included School Twinning and Arts and Culture Programs.   School Twinning strategy assumes a delegation exchange of 4-6 teachers per year at $5,000 per teacher, or student delegation at 15 students per delegation with an investment of $1000 per student per year.  Arts and Culture assumes an investment in curricula, materials and events and could cost $1000 on the average.

Israel Travel                                                                                                                                                $20,000-30,000

Assuming an average of 20 teens with 2 Teachers, at 2 staff @ $5,000 & subsidies for students 

Total:                                                                                                                                                             $52,600-99,500

Total for eight schools:                                                                                                                        $420,800 – 796,000

Communal Scaffolding:

To support an 8-10 school cohort:

Management, administration, and reporting                                                                                               $150,000

Israel Education Consultants                                                                                                                        $150,000

Marketing & indirect costs                                                                                                                   $50,000

Total                                                                                                                                                                      $350,000