Jewish LearningWorks' Classic Israeli Tales Takes to the Jungle

While on vacation in Belize, Ilan Vitemberg, Director of Jewish LearningWorks' Israel Education Initiative, along with his partner, Peter and their cast of hand-made puppets performed their rollicking Hebrew/English adaptation of a classic Israeli story for school children in a Mayan village. 

Dira Le’haskir (Apartment for Rent) brings to life the most beloved Israeli children story of all time. An allegory to be sure, the story, by Leah Goldberg, focuses on many species of animals who, despite their differences, find a way to live together in harmony. Laden with donations of school supplies from the staff at Jewish LearningWorks Ilan and Peter were received with open arms and ear to ear grins.
This beloved story is part of Jewish LearningWorks' Classic Israeli Bookshelf and is performed all across the Bay Area, in day schools, synagogue schools and at the Jewish Community Library.