Lech Lecha

From Rachel Dorsey, Lead Marketing Consultant Jewish LearningWorks

In this week’s Torah portion, Lech Lecha, God commands Abraham to leave his home and head for “a place that I will show you”.  Without too much hesitation, Abraham does it.

He uproots himself and follows the direction of his higher power without a clear understanding of the end point or the goal, but with the knowledge and comfort that he is in good hands.

We all encounter moments in our lives when we know we have to make a move.  We don’t always have clear directions or an articulated goal in mind, but we know that our current state no longer serves us.

While we may not hear the booming voice of God urge us to make our move, if we sit still and listen carefully, we can often hear a tiny voice inside of us urging us to make some change.

Human beings are creatures of habit, we have a routine for almost everything, but as we enter fall, we have a wonderful opportunity to make a move, to leave behind a routine or a habit with the knowledge and comfort that we’re in good hands, and that whether we know it or not, our next move will reveal itself in due time, just like it did for Abraham.