A Little Girl's Pendant - A Personal Note for Yom Ha'shoa

By Vavi Toran

On Friday night I watched on Israeli TV an incredible news story related to Yom Ha’shoa - Holocaust Memorial Day. The story was about a Jewish-German girl murdered in the Holocaust, whose pendant was recently found at the site of the Sobibor death camp in Poland. The story broke out a few months ago, but recently there were some new developments. Not only did the researchers identify who that girl was, but they also managed to find some of her family members who did not know about each other's existence.

For me, who grew up knowing that I lost two grandparents, eight uncles and aunts and many more relatives to a similar faith, it was a moving moment. Very few memories were shared with me by my father and two surviving aunts, all of whom have left Europe before the war. The only mementos I have are a handful of fading photos on the back of which my aunt scribbled, upon my request, the names of all of them and added “all killed by the Nazis, may their names and memories be wiped off (“Yimach sh’mam ve’zichram”).  I was therefore very moved by the story of a small object like that pendant, which brought to life seventy years later a little girl named Karoline Cohn and which has the power to unite a family.

May her memory and the memories of all who perished be blessed

The story in the news:


Israeli TV article and broadcast. In Hebrew