Changes at Jewish LearningWorks

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Dear Friends, 

Jewish life continues to evolve. To better realize our mission, serve our community, and sustain our work, Jewish LearningWorks is evolving, too. We have a strategic plan to guide our progress, and we're excited to share our roadmap with you.

First, what is not changing: We remain dedicated to advancing Jewish learning in our community. We continue to do so by investing in educators - both teachers and the ultimate Jewish educators, parents.

What is changing: We're deepening our investment in the keys to the Jewish future - educators and parents. Our work will be more integrated, intensive, and streamlined. We'll employ the best thinking inside and outside of the Jewish world to develop Jewish education that serves the needs of 21st century students. We are spinning off or ending programs that don’t align with this strategic focus. Our sources of revenue are changing, and our main office will be moving this fall to a more easily accessible location.

We will empower teachers, educational leaders, and parents with skills, tools, and resources to help their students flourish as human beings and as Jews. The result for our children: the ability to apply the wisdom of our tradition to their lives and thus to thrive and deepen their impact on their families, their communities, and the world.

We will continue to share opportunities to connect with our work and hope that you will continue to participate and help us connect with those who will benefit from our unique approach to Jewish education.

Questions? This note just scratches the surface. For detailed information on the ways a new and better Jewish LearningWorks is emerging, go here. If you have comments, ideas, questions, or concerns that remain unanswered, please be in touch with us at

We welcome your thoughts and feedback.

L' Shalom,

David Waksberg, CEO  & Julie Dorsey, Board President