On Family Learning | Rachel Zwillinger

Rachel Zwillinger is a parent of two and works as an
Environmental Lawyer.  She lives in San Rafael, CA

Rachel and her family in Yosemite

Rachel and her family in Yosemite

I grew up in a Reform, largely secular household.  Now an adult with my own little ones, I’m finding myself more and more interested in connecting with the Jewish community.  I wasn’t sure where we’d fit in, and was very pleased to find Deborah at Kesher through a family connection.

Deborah and I met for coffee and had a really nice conversation. She didn’t seem to have an agenda.  Instead, she listened to me explain what I was looking for and we brainstormed about things to try and people to meet.

I was particularly interested in Shabbat Lab, and it wound up being an excellent experience. We hosted two other families at our house. I was able to ask all of the questions I had been too shy to ask in other settings, and walked away from the evening with confidence. I learned how to host a kid-friendly Shabbat, and also realized that I knew much more than I had given myself credit for. Over the course of the evening, I made a new friend, gained some knowledge, and learned new ways to integrate Shabbat into our busy lives more often.  

I absolutely recommend the Kesher concierge to any family looking to connect with the Jewish community. Because of Kesher, I’m more comfortable inviting others to gather in my home and I’m more confident in sharing rituals and traditions.