Playful Art with Piven Testimonial

Read what one educator had to say about her student's experience at an Integration of the Arts Workshop:

I just wanted to share with you a project that I did with my kindergartners at Tehiyah Day School after attending your workshop with Hanoch Piven.   For the past few years, I have been doing an artist/author study of Hanoch Piven with my kindergarten class.   We have been doing a Perfect Purple Feather project and an individual collage portrait project in the past.  But this year, after taking your workshop, I decided to add another culminating project with the children working together in small groups to create a collage about a theme of their choice relating to our school.  I was overwhelmed by how well these 5 and 6 year olds came together with creativity and teamwork to create their masterpieces.   I am attaching copies of these finished projects so you can see that your workshop planted great seeds into the Jewish education community.  Thank you.

Kindest regards,
Ricki Rosenberg, 
Kindergarten Teacher
Tehiyah Day School

One Experience at the Sensory Friendly Purim Carnival

Read what one parent had to say about her son's experience at a Purim Carnival and the impact INCLUDE made:

I would like to thank you so much for making the sensory friendly Purim Carnival.  That wing was a life-saver. It was our first time at that Purim Carnival and I did not realize how intense the main rooms were.  They were very crowded, very loud, the lines were long and the children were very excited.  It was actually overwhelming to me--there is no way we could have had a successful experience without the sensory friendly wing.

Thanks again,


Many Thanks

Read a testimonial from one of the participants from the Navigating Difference, Embracing Inclusion workshop,  Assessing Your Inclusivity: Best Practices & Ways to Improve.

Hi, I attended today's first of four Include sessions in Oakland today and I am thrilled by the experience. Before my work week sets in motion, I want to thank you and the other leaders for providing us a well organized and meaningful experience to address the complexity of diversity in our Jewish communities. It was immensely inspiring to realize that throughout the Bay Area Jewish congregations are striving to improve their efforts towards inclusion.  I am far less isolated and far more optimistic as a result. I hope to attend future sessions. Please pass on my email and gratitude to the other leaders: David, Diane and Marilyn.

-Leslie King
(Beth Am)

We want to thank the individuals and the institutions who were present at the Navigating Difference workshop on February 23rd. 

The Impact Exploring the World of Judaism Has in Our Synagogue

By Sue Bojdak, Director of Education, Temple Sinai - Oakland

One aspect of the EWJ program that Temple Sinai really values is the way in which it has enabled us to engage new lay leaders in collaboration on adult learning.  The lay committee structure has brought new people into discussion about adult learning, into leadership in our community, and into more active participation generally.  Thanks to our core group of EWJ lay leaders we are poised to revive our adult education committee which has lain fallow for a decade.

We also appreciate the way in which EWJ has brought together a new mix of learners.  We have had a strong group of adult learners for some number of years now on Sunday mornings who are mostly people in our community with grown children.  The particular outreach focus of EWJ to adults with school-aged children has increased the participation of that population in our Sunday morning adult learning programs.  At the same time the quality of speakers and the wide range of engaging topics has enabled us to maintain many of our core learners.  In the end we get a wonderful cross-section of learners and the opportunity to bring together different generations for a shared learning experience.  I’m delighted that we have just been approached by a preschool parent asking for childcare so that we could increase our reach to folks with even younger children as well.  It’s unusual in our congregation to have programming that includes adults across such a wide span of ages and stages of adulthood.  We are delighted that EWJ seems to have increased our capacity to engage more learners at this wider variety of life stages and given us a chance to build our community across generational divides.  It’s a real blessing.