On the Pushcart: New books and DVDS and more!

On the Pushcart: New books and DVDS and more!

Fans of PBS Masterpiece drama Downton Abbey and Victoria will fall in love with Daniel Deronda , a beautiful and endearing 3-part series based on 19th century British novelist George Eliot's engaging tale of Jewish identity lost and found. Available on DVD now at the Pushcart Library.

Off the Shelf: Authors Offer Differing Perspectives on the History of Israel

Authors offer differing perspectives on the history of Israel

The National Jewish Book Awards were announced last month, and the winner of the Book of the Year award was Rabbi Daniel Gordis' " Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn." Gordis, who made aliyah in 1998, has gravitated from writing on Jewish thought to writing mostly about Israel.