The Plot Against America
by Philip Roth

Jewish LearningWorks' 7th Annual

A project of the Jewish Community Library

“Roth's most powerful work to date. Confounding and illuminating, enraging and discomfiting, imaginative and utterly-terrifyingly-believable.”
San Francisco Chronicle

One Bay One Book is:
A yearlong conversation reaching Bay Area adults through opportunities for lively Jewish learning. Stimulated by a selected book and its themes, the program connecting readers through discussions, events, and informal conversations.      

On the bookshelf for 2018-19: The Plot Against America by Philip Roth

Philip Roth’s award-winning 2004 novel The Plot Against America is a stirring work of alternative history that imagines the victory of aviation hero and isolationist Charles Lindbergh over Franklin Roosevelt in the 1940 presidential election, and portrays its impact through the experiences of a working class Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey.  It is a work of literature that speaks profoundly to the challenges facing Americans today.

The Library also wishes to make this a year of considering Roth’s legacy in all its complexity, continuing an important conversation that was renewed upon Roth’s death in May 2018. There are many who embrace Roth as among the greatest of American writers, and there are many who are disturbed by the problematic treatment of women seen in some of Roth’s work—a criticism that does not pertain to The Plot Against America. These issues will be more formally addressed in the Library’s programming in the spring.

Book Groups:
If you are part of a book group, consider making The Plot Against America one of your books for discussion. To reduce barriers to participation, a limited number of book sets will be made available free of charge on a first come, first served basis by the Jewish Community Library, through our Book Club in a Box lending program. 

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