Building Israel Education strategies into the curriculum and vision of a school is a resource-intensive undertaking requiring steady and ongoing funding. Schools should view long term sustainability planning for Israel Education as a component of BASIS. Funding conversations should being alongside the  early stages of BASIS, so that when the initial grant funding BASIS expires, Israel education continues seamlessly, at the same level without interruption.

Once a school determines its Israel Education strategy(ies), it will have a good idea of the level of funding required to sustain it. It is recommended that the school’s BASIS Leadership Team appoint a BASIS Sustainability Committee to explore ways the school can build long-term funding sustainability for Israel Education into its budget. Schools cannot expect to rely on initial seed funding to continue and should look into other revenue streams.

To be most effective, the Sustainability Committee should include a representative of the Board (e.g., fundraising chair and/or treasurer or member of the Board’s finance committee) and the Head of School.

The funds required to sustain excellence in Israel Education in each school include, but are not limited to: 

  • Israel education coordinator (part-time position)
  • Israel travel program
  • Other Israel educational strategies (e.g., school twinning)
  • Ongoing professional development for key faculty

Suggested sources for support include:

  • Embedding some costs into tuition;
  • Identifying donors with specific interest in Israel education
  • Creating an endowment to support Israel education
  • Working with the community federation or another funder to support and/or match parental contributions toward student Israel travel.


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