The Resources & Mapping Specialist is a member of the BASIS consultant team who serves as a general educational support person for the work of the other members of the team.

The knowledge needed for this position is specialized, and includes an ability to provide instruction and support for curriculum mapping and related technological tools such as ATLAS, assisting the Pedagogy/Curriculum Specialist in training and working with the schools in this area, and licensing the curriculum mapping tools and communicating on behalf of BASIS with their producers.

The Resources and Mapping Specialist becomes intimately familiar with a wide range of Israel Education resources that the schools can use to infuse content into the curricular units they create during the curriculum development process. In this regard, this position also supports the work of the other members of the central agency’s BASIS team, such as the Twinning & Travel Specialist, the Arts & Culture Specialist, and the Manchim.


BASIS Director - Arts & Culture Specialist - Curriculum Specialist - Manchim - Organizational Development Consultants - Resource & Mapping Specialist - School Twinning & Travel Specialist