Over the course of BASIS, schools undertake Israel Education projects that are in pursuit of their chosen Israel education strategy(ies), and consistent with their articulated Israel education vision.

Depending on what a school chooses to do, these projects could be an Israel trip, a twinning program with an Israeli school, arts & culture programming, “mifgashim” (encounters) between Israeli and American teachers and/or students; participation in a shlichim (Israeli teacher emmissary) program, family education programming, guest speakers, etc. Professional development programs beyond those offered by the BASIS team of consultants may also fall into this category.

These activities begin early in the BASIS process. Because BASIS is generally not the absolute starting point of a school’s involvement with Israel Education, but rather an opportunity for it to re-envision the Israel Education it offers, a school usually begins BASIS by carrying on with previously existing projects. It changes or refines them during the BASIS curriculum development process.


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