BASIS is not a "cookie-cutter" initiative. BASIS's success is dependent on each school being able to select an Israel Education strategy that best aligns with its mission and values, that they can incorporate into their curriculum and community. Each school builds its own internal leadership team, and works within its own unique faculty, student body, and parent community to build an enduring culture of Israel education. BASIS schools require a great deal of customized consultation to support their strategies, curriculum development, and ongoing professional development.  

Schools are introduced to the key components of BASIS (such as curriculum mapping, Understanding By Design, the various Israel Education Strategies) in community-wide or regional seminars and forums. On-site consultations and workshops led by BASIS consultants at the schools provide teachers opportunities to understand them more deeply.

All the BASIS consultants work with the schools in this individualized fashion, and feedback from the Bay Area BASIS schools indicates that this customized support is valued more highly than the more general kind provided by the larger seminars and forums. BASIS is a highly demanding and complicated process, and the schools appreciate this “personalized” attention.

BASIS aims to infuse Israel Education into the entire school community. Effective Israel education permeates the life of the school and involves teachers, students, families and other stakeholders.  Thus, BASIS reaches beyond the classroom to parents and others in the community.

This reach is aided through the appointment of parents and lay leaders to the school’s BASIS Leadership Team, development and implementation of family education curriculum and programming, and communication about BASIS beyond the walls of the school.

Schools involved in twinning or partnership programs or other forms of encounters with Israeli counterparts are encouraged to involve the school community in such encounters - for example, visiting student home-stays with school families.

Buy-in, involvement, and support on the part of the parents and community are especially critical in schools where BASIS is a catalyst for a positive change in attitude toward Israel education. They are also keys to sustaining BASIS and Israel education at the schools long term.

Attached are examples of how some of the schools chose to infuse Israel Education into the entire school community:  A flyer announcing Contra Costa JDS Israel book club, A flyer from Shalom school advertising an Israeli Film Festival  and an Israel themed newsletter to families from Tehiyah JDS .


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