Even when we try to shield children from difficult situations, they are exposed to the news and are present when conversations about war and violence take place. These resources offer ideas for approaching this matter at home and at school. 

Several of these resources were curated during the summer of 2014, but have relevance for any time of violence and crisis.

Talking to Your Children Amidst Difficult Times
by Natalie Blitt, the iCenter for Israel Education

Talking to Children About Violence
Adapted by Linda Lantieri and Sam Diener
from A Discussion Guide for Parents and Educators

Israel: Not a Time for Zealotry or Shyness with Children
by Cyd Weissman, Jewish Education Project

Responding to Crisis (in general)
from the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland

Your Kids Are Ready to Talk About Israel. Are You?
from Kveller, A Jewish Twist on Parenting

Ideas For the Educator: Focus on the Family 
from Jewish Peoplehood Education

Family Feelings
by Clare Goldwater, Jewish Peoplehood Education

How to talk to children about the crisis
from the Center for Anxiety

How Can We Talk About Gaza With Our Students
from Makom of the Jewish Agency for Israel

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